Legal Policy
General terms and conditions for use of service
We are grateful for your use of our services (the “Services”) including FDI Center website (“FDI Website”) (www.fdiservice.com). By using FDI Website and Services, you agree to the following terms and conditions. Please review carefully.
We offer not only this website but also various types of services. Therefore, additional terms and conditions may be applicable depending on the relevant services you use. When you use the relevant service, you would be agreeing to the additional terms and conditions thereof.

FDI Website and its contents (the “Contents”) are FDI Center’s copyright materials. All Contents, regardless of for-profit or not-for-profit, shall be prohibited from any use in any form without a prior written authorization including distribution, processing, amendment, or revision, etc. Furthermore, all Contents cannot be transmitted or stored at other websites, and transmission or storage vis-à-vis other electronic methods (including but not limited to screen capture) or system is also prohibited.

Information Disclaimer
FDI Website contains the Contents provided so that foreign investors can receive the basic information necessary to receive the Services. FDI Center will try its best efforts to uphold the validity of such information. However, the substance of Contents may not be conforming depending on the relevant user’s actual circumstances, specific purpose, business plan, and other circumstances. They may also contain errors, omissions, and abridgements. FDI Center does not guarantee each user’s appropriateness, precision, and integrity, etc. about the information provided on its website – other than the Services provided to its clients after clients’ requests – and it does not accept or bear any legal liability whatsoever.
Information provided in the FDI Website is displayed only for the purpose of provision of general information, and they cannot be used as professional advice (legal, judicial, tax, accounting, and labor & HR) unless one receives the Services through a separate delegation process.

Link Disclaimer
FDI website contains links to external websites. FDI Center does not provide any guarantees as to the form of relevant contents, reliability of substances, and appropriateness, etc. of the external websites that users access via FDI website’s links.

Outflow Prohibition
All users of FDI Center and FDI website, regardless of whether they retain the actual services, shall not use or store by means of copy, transmission, publication and distribution among others or provide, disclose, or otherwise allow for outflow to third parties of any and all documents, templates, and information provided by FDI Center including guidelines, instructions, quotes, and power of attorneys without FDI Center’s prior written consent.