Why F.D.I
Why F.D.I Center
Our In-Depth Experience Makes a Difference
We have in-depth experience in relation to the establishment and management of foreign direct investment companies.
We offer our services to any region or place in Korea. Based on our accumulated know-how, we offer the most tailored services that can save clients’ time and resources.
Save Yourself from Burdens of Document Preparation
Our rule is that we prepare and provide most of necessary documents by ourselves based on the basic details of foreign investors.

Typically, our competitors only provide guidance about necessary documents, forcing their clients to draft and prepare such documents. However, an innocent error in document can result in the reset of process such as drafting, notarization, or apostille of documents – which can cause an unexpected and serious issue in the form of delay in proceeding and increase in costs.

In this regard, by preparing and providing necessary documents by ourselves based on the basic details of clients, we offer our services with clients’ interest and convenience as a top priority.
One-Stop Solution of Various Services for Foreign Direct Investment Companies
We currently offer various services in direct response to clients’ needs through partnerships with judicial scrivener, attorney, patent attorney, tax accountant, accountant, labor attorney, public appraiser, and real estate service providers among others.
Establishment of Bilateral Communication Channel with Investors
The Korean tax law is notorious for its annual amendments and complexities.
In this regard, we have established regular bilateral communication channels via web programs and thereby offer the services of tax accountants specialized in foreign direct investment companies.

Furthermore, the Korean labor law is very strict with certain violations facing criminal sanctions. As such, there is a need to receive careful and detailed guidance through our expert labor attorney. F.D.I. Center established an integrated system of accounting, tax, and labor & HR services so that foreign investors can focus on their businesses without suffering any disadvantages.